As an individual or small business owner you are constantly juggling your time and money.  Usually there isn’t enough of either so things slip through the cracks.  Contacts get lost and marketing programs stay on the wish list.

Is there a solution?  Absolutely!  You simply need to leverage technology.  There are many tech tools available that can make your life run more smoothly.  But what if you don’t have the time or background to review, select and apply these powerful tools? Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone who could help? 

You do!  I am a Technology Coach.  I help you master the technology you need to run your business, your project and your life.  I provide coaching and problem-solving technology services for a variety of situations. 

My Focus

Small Business

Online Marketing & Technology Support

Not sure where to start with email marketing and/or social media? Are you having trouble keeping organized? I can provide some technology solutions.


General Technology Support

iPhone driving you crazy? Computer not being backed up? Want to use a family calendar?  I help you use and learn everyday technology to enhance, not hinder, your life.

Digital Portfolios

for High School & College Students

Competition is fierce for scholarships, internships and jobs.  You need a way to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Don't just take my word for it . . .


I love working with Melissa.  She is very patient and will explain things a few times if necessary.  She always offers advice when needed.  Melissa is very knowledgeable in computer skills, and I always recommend her to my friends.

Cari K - Personal Stylist for J Hilburn


Melissa Horn has worked with me for nearly 5 years and is a complete delight to work with. She is honest and completely trustworthy, dependable and excellent at both accounting and computer tech issues. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Lisa R - Owner, Farmhouse Vines Vineyard


Melissa has been a wonderful addition to my life. She is so patient with my lack of patience in bringing myself into today’s world of technology. I highly recommend her to anyone having computer problems.

Sue S - Cheerio The Hippo Car

The first conversation is on me. No long term commitment is required.

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